Spy Coin Heiermann


Spy Coin Heiermann


Our new Spy Coin is highly refined.

This means:

· It is indistinguishable to the bare eye from a 5-DM coin.
· Even in the X-ray you can see only small differences.
· It is very sturdy and does not shatter even in a massive impact.


Radiopacity of Hollow Coins

The images below were taken of solid coins side by side with
Hollow Spy-Coins.  Each of the Spy-Coins (Micro Half, Micro
Euro, and Micro Nickel) were fitted with the Micro SD Memory
Card.  As seen from the scans, the US half dollar coin was the
most radiolucent of the three, followed by the US nickel,
bottom.  The .50 Euro coin, center, is the most opaque, being
the thicker coin of the three.

These Hollow Spy Coins have a large enough secret compartment that they are capable of squeezing a tiny memory card in to them. Each coin is precision hand milled so that the memory card can fit right in.

When the memory cards are closed up they look just like regular coins. These are ideal for hiding memory cards should you be in spy-mode and what to hide your precious images captured, or if you just want to keep your memory cards safe.

Hollow Spy Coins Product Features

* Actual coins are precision hand milled to create a secret compartment inside
* Half dollar has enough room for a micro SD card (not included)
* Store secret microfilm or tiny notes
* Included “unlocking ring” allows coins to be opened
* Indistinguishable from regular coins when closed

During the Cold War, Spies from both
the East and West used Hollow Coins
to ferry secret messages, suicide
poisons, and microfilms undetected.

On May 1st, 1960 U2 Pilot Francis
Gary Powers was shot down over the
Soviet Union and taken captive.  In his
possession was a hollow silver dollar
containing a poisoned needle that was
to be used to take his own life in such
a circumstance.  For one reason or
another, he did not use it and was held
for 21 months by the Soviets.

He was then exchanged for Soviet spy
KGB Colonel Vilyam Fisher (aka
Rudolf Abel) at the Glienicke Bridge, in
Berlin, Germany.

Colonel Fisher was also no stranger to
hollow coins…his original capture by
the United States FBI was directly
related to a hollow nickel that was used
by his crew to transport microfilm.

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