Gymsac Cardfan – Cardfan


Gymsac Cardfan – Cardfan white gymsac with black print

Cotton Gymsac, 100% cotton, 140 g/m²,  approx. 17 x 15 in


After 42 years of development we proudly present:


Pro Carry Gymsac Luxus



• Holds a dozen Decks, loads of coins , business cards, even small Posters, Cups and balls, Linking Rings Set, Magic Books and Wands, or whatever…
• Made of fine 100 % cotton
• Attached strings for easy backpacking
• A complete evening Show in just one beautiful designed bag.
• You can carry it everytime and everywhere, even naked at the beach
• No Flaps, no magnets, no invisible thread, no practicing needed
• Works right out of the box

Mindboggling Clothing of the next generation.
Don`t miss it.
If they are gone, they are gone…


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